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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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bill o'reilly next. we leave with you a political quote today democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike well k078 to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease deck. >> coming up in the big show. in a disgrace of privacy e-mails leaked to the public. the details of what's in those e-mails next. and donald trump gets a note from his doctor. does he think there is still a draft or something? and finally china livens up funerals by adding strippers. this is great. now you can feel sad and empty inside at the same time. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guest. glasses make you look smarter, as if she needs that. reporter for the national review and fox news
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contributor, katherine. he always looks like he is on his way to a convention for the musical "grease." nick gillespie. and if he is shun he may as well be walking on the moon. smash mouth front man jimmy falaah. and he is nicknamed "the baker" for his fondness of killing men with their spatulas. president of diligence llc, mike baker. let's start the show. who ever wins the presidency you can bet colin powell won't have a role in the administration. dc leaks published a bunch of the former secretary of state's private e-mails in which every liberal's favorite republican shared his thoughts on this year's candidates. powell ripped donald trump calling him a national disgrace and an international
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paw -- parr iah. he said, quote, he can never overcome what he did with obama in the birth certificate. it was racist. and he is not easier on clinton. powell said he would rather not have to vote for her and referring to clinton as, quote, a 70 yearly with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational with a husband still [bleep] bimbos at home, according to the new york post. interesting. who got worse treatment in this secret e-mail? >> may i add the coincidence of all of this? in the 1980s i had a twisted sister cover band called [bleep] bimbos. it is interesting.
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i don't know who got the worse treatment. both are disparaging. a couple of points are interesting. one somebody of colin powell's experience level in government and dealing with sensitive issues is indiscreet in his correspondence. it is apparently as if he is unaware of the potential for hacking at all times of the that brings us to the second point that this is the new normal. nobody is shocked anymore. we are not shocked about the release of hacked e-mails. nobody is saying -- >> i like him more now. >> bimbos is the best phrase ever. >> it makes you forget about the basket of deplorables. >> i don't know who says [bleep] bimbos outside of eighth grade. >> he was using an aol account as his personal e-mail.
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they hacked his my space. >> he is not that sophisticated on the hacking front. >> can i do back to what mike was talking about which is important. we have fun with this and i love reading this type of stuff. it is a scandal rag journalism. we discount that and conversations we have with condoleezza rice. rumsfeld and chain nea and he -- cheney and he called them both idiots, but he said they were terrible about how they prosecuted the word and they moved in and they were pretending to know what they were doing in iraq after the invasion and that stuff is important and it is good to have that. i am a big fan of hacked e-mails. the transparency is good even if it -- >> there is a cover your ass element with the iraq war. it is almost as if -- i don't want to say he knew this would come out at some point, but
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there is an element of i will back away and blame somebody else. the cheneys are anything but idiots. i will say that. >> my take away from this was that he is such an elitist. you read through this e-mail. in one he said he just got back from the bohemian grove. >> not wearing pants. >> in another he is throwing a tantrum at a hampton party. then he is complaining about staying in a guy's second house because hillary is in the first house. >> i do find it refreshing that there is a secretary of state that held on to their e-mails. that's nice. that's clearly not been the standard procedure going forward. >> can anybody hide their e-mails? >> no, everybody has to know about it. it is ghoulish that nobody wants their e-mails hacked. i am saying things in my e-mails specifically about people on this panel. if i hear my e-mail is hacked
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i have something in my back pocket. >> so few people care about you and the inner workings of your life. >> i have a whole file of your e-mails, by the way of the. >> i really feel like it exposed a lot of news outlets. certain outlets only reported his slanders of trump. it was a trump national disgrace. never mind he said he couldn't speak because hillary milked them for every red cent in speaking fees. bill getting laid on the side. it is crazy to see how they portrayed and tried to frame the story. >> it is funny you saw it that way. all i saw was this stuff about hillary. >> it was a disgrace because it does fit easier into a headline. milking them for every cent i'm worth. >> international paariah. >> a lot of people don't know
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what that means. >> it is more big league. >> as a journalist i would have latched on to the [bleep] bimbo. >> i latched on to it as a human being. >> 0 got -- gotten rid of the deplorables hat. >> trump's campaign doctor released a note saying he is in excellent physical health. i guess it was down graded from the last note. the new note reveals that trump is -- why does everyone laugh at dr. herald bornstein. >> of course we do. >> look, the latest fact reveals trump is 6-3 and weighs 236 pounds. his blood pressure is 116/70. calcium of 298, two short of perfect. his cholesterol is normal and his hands are bigger than average and powerful and, quote, capable of opening a walnut without hammer or vice.
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>> with the prostate of a young man. >> also capable of opening that without a map ham -- hammer. >> everything was true, but the last one. >> the walnut thing? >> i didn't know. we make croaks on -- make jokes on this show. >> baker, stop! everybody is talking about trump's health. why doesn't anyone mention hillary's health? >> again, it may come down to where you are getting your news from. i heard a lot of people talk about hillary and a lot of people talk about trump. i don't understand why -- well there is a lot of things about this election i don't understand. just release your medical records. they went after john mccain. why is it so difficult? release your medical records and tax returns. get it out of the way. i don't understand why the messaging from either side is so difficult from the management team to get through. >> i think it is funny.
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that's why he does it. dr. oz, the whole dr. oz thing, you can't do anything funnier than say you are doing that. ever knows dr. oz is a quack. do this and these 14 things and he doesn't know what he is talking bvment i think trump is deciding what is the funniest thing to do. >> he is like an epic troll. >> isn't he kind of? >> he is under audit and that's why he can't release his taxes and that's good enough for me. >> maybe he is getting a digital rectal exam and that's why he can't release medical records? >> he has to make sure his butt is okay. >> they actually do digital rectal exams now? >> i don't know. >> on-line. >> who cares about their health? >> who cares? >> who cares about their health? >> what if they die. >> we are all going to die. they are 70 years old. they are older than regan. they are william henry harrison with a cold. >> i was in high school and
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they said ronald reagan is almost 70. it is going to be the oldest man ever. being old now -- being 70 now they are much healthier than john adams. >> you don't know that. >> the real fear is hillary wins and her body is held together by cancer. she dies and tim kaine is playing the harmonica everywhere. let's start of on this state dinner. >> i don't think we need to know anybody's calcium score. >> that's the one thing i am interested in. >> it is the president of the united states. it is important to know their health. i don't see any problem with it. i don't think we should be making as much of an issue as it is. >> we need a third option. we need gary johnson. an ultra marathoner who climbed mt. everest. where are his medical records? >> i actually have a copy here of mike baker's -- a letter
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from mikebacker's doctor. i hope you don't mind. >> i am a transparent guy. >> he is an ageless male under my care since september 15th, 2016. i am a botanist and a graduate of ball so hard university. mr. baker was hospitalized at the age of 9 by breaking his fist on somebody's face. his lab results looks 10, body 10, charm 10.5. his bank account is in the millions and his liver is black and fully functional. his last colon nose ask you pea was great for both of us. >> he told me it was standard procedure. that's why i was curious about the digital exams. >> his ekg and psa and omg and brb were spectacular and he is down with opp. there is no family history of being a pansy. he takes out names and an ass whooping. he is perfect in every way.
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harvey b frankenstein. >> can i have a copy? >> jimmy, is all the health stuff behind us now? >> no. h is scary. >> she was wobbly. >> the the election gets scarier every day. i don't know what scares me more. trump having his finger on the button or hillary having her forehead on the button. remember that genesis video where ronald reagan accidentally nukes the country when he reaches for his water. >> it has to be ready. >> are you upset that if hillary wins she will take the nuclear football and make it that a soccer ball? >> you know how i peel about soccer. >> she is an international. >> dr. bornstein de cherried
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trump the healthy yes -- healthiest person to ever live was a little over the top. a journalist dug up this note from winston churchill's doctor in 1932. it reads, this is to certify the post accident convalescence of the honorable winston churchill necessitates the use of alcohol spirits especially at meal time. the quantity is indefinite. minimum is 250 could you bib centimeters. he measures his drink in centimeters? that's 8 and a half ounces. >> i love the english language and especially spoken by people from england. that's a great letter. i love winston churchill. great beaks. >> is the book called "the last line"? >> yes, it is a series. the last line, the witch and the wardrobe? >> it isth cash dash it is all the same of the. >> the last line is -- --
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we have another story. an austrian teen is suing her parents for posting embarrassing photos of her as a kid on facebook. the 18-year-old claim mom and dad have shared 500 childhood pics with their 700 friends and it is ruining her life. they knew no shame and limit and didn't care if it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or laying naked in my cot. every photograph was made public. the unnamed woman's parents have refused to take the pictures down. her dad believes he took the photos and he has a right to post-it. lawyers say if they can prove it violated her rights to a personal life -- then he will win the case. >> everyone in this story is an idiot. i don't like anybody. if you are posting 500 pictures of your naked baby you have a problem. you are like, please, dad, don't post anymore nudie
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pics. if you are suing your parent, you are garbage too. you don't sue your parents. >> i would like to publicly shame everyone involved in the story. are you wrong and you should go on an island. >> she dressed them in the draperies. >> captain von-trapp was in a land locked country. i am betting he didn't get a lot of experience. >> that's why he was home a lot with the kids. who has the right -- she said she is trying to teach her kids a lesson. >> as the parent of two kids i want to maintain absolute right to bring back the embarrassing photos as my parents did. you don't bract the cycle. you pay it forward. in my family we got out the slide projector and there was
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a picture of you naked. >> but it bothers her. more baby nudies, sorry, honey. why? >> did he snap -- is there old pictures of you lounging about? >> oh yeah. my mom would follow me around with a camera. there are so many pictures and it is annoying, but they are not posted all over the internet. because it bothered herzsg
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test test.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. hillary clinton back on the campaign saddle after being
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sidelined for three days by a bout with pneumonia. the democratic presidential nominee hosted a rally in north carolina. then she was off to dc to attend a gala of the congressional hispanic caucus institute last night. >> but we're here because we know this election. it is a choice between not just two people, but two very different visions. >> and the question of president obama's american citizenship is no longer an issue with donald trump. heat last night his -- late last night his campaign believes mr. obama was born in the united states, but the candidate still won't say so himself. as one of the so-called leaders of the so-called betterrer movement he accuses him of bigotry. the department of transportation says airline passengers must keep sam song -- samsung 7 phones turned off
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and not charge in midflight because they were known to explode and catch fire. there was a formal recall of the phone. >> and funding on the zika virus may be nearing an end. they were at odds with one proposed budget packets. word from the hill indicates gop lawmakers are no i willing to let those clinics share the money. and julia is a tropical storm again. the national hurricane center tells us julia is meandering off the coast of carolinas with maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. the storm poses no threat to land this morning. i'm patricia stark, and now let's meander back to "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to the university that vanderbilt built is instructing its faculty to
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introduce themselves in a new way. not just with their name, but a preferred pro noun. they tell them to give their name and a pronoun in faculty meetings and other spaces. i will have her demonstrate an introduction with me. i'm tom and i use he, him, his pronounce. what should i call you? >> i am kat and i use she, her, her. what should i call you? >> i already told you, he tom. >> thank you, she kat. if these are confusing vanderbilt had a sample poster that clarifies the issue. it provides a handy reference for how to use pronouns. she is an excellent student. he may sexually assault you. simple, right? they also show proper use of more advanced pronounce, ze, zir, zirs and ze, hir, hirs. i support zir in the classroom by honoring zir's pronoun. i love zir's paper and i honor
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hir pronoun. they downed nordic. it ucialgs people to recash dash it urges people to replace ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, he or she with the friendly words everybody, folks or this person. this may seem like a lot, but don't worry. if you make a mistake, they have the proper response. thank you for reminding me. i apologize. we will use the correct pronoun for you in the future. [bleep]. that sounds like something out of george orwell's he, him, his' books. baker, you were flustered before i was done with the segment. did you learn how to use pronouns during that segment? >> you know, i am trying to be appropriate, and i am also mindful of ben and everybody
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that has to take time from this show when i swear. >> ben, our producer, who has to bleep you after the show. >> you just want to say get over your [bleep] self. i don't care what you call yourself. it doesn't matter. how do we get to this pointt in life. >> it specifies if you are familiar with somebody. you still have to do this. if you know who i am and you know i am a girl. i was a girl now and i will be a girl tomorrow. you have to say what pronounce would you like to use. nobody talks like this. >> what's wrong with that? some days i wake up and i want to be a zi and other days i want to be a he. >> you know how it goes. we have all been there. >> and people at vanderbilt should call each other comma cores. that's their mascot. >> everybody has to get over themselves. it is so narcissistic and so much me. how about you focus on just
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being a contributor to society and do the right thing. quit getting up in your [bleep] kitchen like this. i don't understand it. >> it looks like you may have an idea about why they are doing this. >> well, no, i was going to say, yes, if your whole self-worth is based on the proper pronounce and hello you don't have a chance. this is why trump might win. this is exactly why. this is the best way to articulate why he might win. he is the an at this time that -- antithesis of offense. if you want to sum up his appeal on microcosim, we will have gotten past the verbal items like i apologize. that's what i meant to say, but i couldn't --
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>> did you see the other words that they give the option to be called only by your name or no pro noun at all -- no pro-noun or other. if you can't call someone by any pro-noun and their name if it is no or other what are you supposed to call this person? >> i don't know what the zi, zir, hir. i was busy learning. >> why can't -- the question is why can't people handle it themselves? why isn't it their responsibility? >> this was male privilege dissolving in the midst of true equality. i think you are right and gym mooy nailed it -- jimmy nailed it. it should not rise to the level of offensiveness. we don't know what we are doing. we are scared and nervous. it is [bleep] than just try to be nice to each other.
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i think even people at vanderbilt. the safety school of the south. coming up, he has thrown more shade than an oak tree. half time with andy levey is next and the red eye pod cast is back. subscribe on fox
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we
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got wrong from andy levey at the "red eye" news deck. >> powell's e-mails. i think i called him colin. and then you did the same thing following my lead. it is colin. that's my bad. baker, you thought powell should not have this level of indiscretion because he should have known he was hacked. he may not care. >> he might not care. he has gotten to that point and he had a hell of a career. so maybe he didn't care. the take away here for everybody is you should under that individual entity, organization or whatever it is, everybody is subject to this potential problem. >> absolutely. >> you said powell is using an aoling. in fact, it was g mail. >> i apologize for the indiscretion or the incorrect -- why did powell have such a great career? was he ever involved in a wary
12:34 am
want -- a war we won? >> that's a good question. yes, he was. the first incursion into iraq. >> you are a big fan of hacked e-mails. >> yes. >> really? >> i have absolutely no problem. we live in an age transparency no matter if we want it to or not. we count the miss grievances. it is the same thing with celebrity nudes. oh it will destroy their career. we absorb it into our day-to-day life of the the interesting stuff here is about the politics of the situation and not that colin powell hates hillary clinton and thinks trump is an idiot. >> you are incorrect. >> more than i agree with you completely. >> it exposes how bias news
12:35 am
organizations are that they reported what he said about trump and not the stuff he said about hillary. totally agree. it gets to something i tweeted about the other day. nobody is better about being everything to everyone than colin powell. >> the democrats hated him because he authorized the war and misled us into the war. and then the republicans hated him because of obama. he is the marvin lewis of his position. he never wins a playoff game. it is embarrassing. >> trump's doctor note, you called dr. oz a quack and baker you thought he was a respected doctor. >> i heard he was a respected doctor. >> the truth is he used to be a represented doctor and now he is a quack. >> so i was right. >> circle gets a square.
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>> nick, you said who cares about their health? then you said we need a third option. gave reaultra marathonnist who climbed mount everest. that's why we need the health report because gary johnson looks great compared to them. >> maybe he can smuggle himself in as the busboy. >> honestly i can see him doing that. baker, i enjoyed your doctor's note. >> thank you. >> the address at the top was 177a bleaker street, new york city, new york. >> yes. >> that is the average of steven strange, aka, dr. strange. i thought that was interesting. >> i don't actually see my doctor. i call him and he prescribes things and sends me letters for various reasons. i haven't been to bleaker street.
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>> another question, nick asked if hillary wins she will turn the nuclear football into a nuclear soccer ball? >> yes. >> isn't it true you and republican intelligence professionals signed a letter saying you couldn't support a gop ticket with trump in its head and isn't the only explain mace for that you are working for hillary clinton? >> now you have really outed me. no, you know what i did? i signed a letter from a variety of people in intel and national security space. i have a problem with -- >> with booze? >> i have a problem with both candidates. i wish we could push the reset button and start over. this country, one or the other it deserves better. >> you are supporting hillary clinton? got it. austrian girls whose fight over facebook pick. >> if it shows it violated her
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rights they will win the case. her cited lawyer said he is not a lawyer and asked to comment on the case. that's an update. >> and he has been throwing sheep and poking her on facebook. >> that is not true. kat, you said everyone is an idiot. are her parent millennials? jay they have nothing to -- >> they have nothing to do how. >> they are young parents. >> i didn't say pictures, andy. >> you have to be careful what you put out there because the internet is a gathering place for creeps.
12:39 am
this is her parents. >> and be can all agree this is not on the list of bad things done by austrians. vanderbilt and the gender neutral pronounce. baker, you seem into this. good for you. you showed a progressive side i was not aware of. >> that is true. >> you said if your self-worth is predicated on being called the proper pronoun you have problems of i don't think anyone is saying that. i think you exaggerated. >> we are treating these things. everything is like a det-con9 -- def-con9. everything is on blast. it is this is wrong and they need to permanently go away. did you hear my point? >> i didn't hear it.
12:40 am
the football game was on. i got matt forte. >> go giants. >> you referred to vanderbilt as the safety school of the south. they like to call themselves the harvard of the south. >> even harvard is pushing pushing it too far. if you are calling it the harvard of the south you have problems. >> it is like the harvard state. >> you put it in the south and you are already taking 600 points off the s.a.t. >> not cool at all. i strongly disassociate. >> you will get a little hate for that. >> you well get a poorly spelled letter. thank you, andy. coming up, chinese authorities are cracking down on strippers at funerals. i thought chinese authorities were cool.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. donald trump is outlining his economic strategy in his home city of new york. the republican mom intoe says his -- nominee says tax cuts, regulations and new spending will jolt economic growth and create 25 million new jobs. meantime hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after she was sidelined with pneumonia will last night clinton -- last night clinton spoke to the caucus institute. she pushed back against a latinos for trump founder who claimed mass immigration would lead to, quote, taco trucks on every corner. earlier in the day clinton
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held a rally in north carolina. there she admits she always thought her white house run was going to be a tight race. the comments come as the latest fox news poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie. clinton holds a one-point lead in the four-way race, but that falls well in the margin of error. trump leap frogs clinton beating her by one point and that also falls within the margin of error. a frantic scene in new york city as police officers fire more than a dozen round into the city's crowded streets. authorities opened fire on a suspect after he slashed an off duty detective with a meat cleaver. the detective suffered a six-inch gash to the face and was hospitalized. police say the suspect was shot at least twice and is in critical, but stable condition. and the arctic ocean is shrinking to the second lowest level since scientists were tracking it. they say it is another sign of global warming and the impact on our planet.
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the current level of ice is a million square miles less from 1979 to 2000. i'm paw require shaw stark, now back to the show you love, "red eye." for your headlines go to i like to keep up on international news by reading foreign newspapers. and if i don't speak the language, no problem thanks to google translate. roll the graphic. >> tonight's story comes from china. a new trend is strippers performing at funerals. more mourners are considered in a moment of success in the afterlife of the let's look at the chinese story translated. according to metropolis daily
12:47 am
he goes back to his home and found pour gnaw grsk performances flooded. most funerals are requesting funerals to add to the fun. it is so the audience will laugh and cry. after the moderator finished playing the funeral music invited strippers flew high up. jimmy, don't you love it when strippers are invited to fly high up? >> i am kind of in favor of keeping this in place just for the shear fact of if you are a girl dancing at funerals, you are out of job options. if i are taking this gig, you realize you have blown every opportunity. >> why can't funerals be fun? i think about how to make my funeral fun all the time. i want my body to be brought down to shaggy's "boombastic" and only coors light and vapes. no lunch and no food. instead of a burial i want to
12:48 am
be stuffed by a taxydermis and then go outside the window of everyone i ever dated. >> i think they will find the body that's very specific. you planned it all out. >> i don't new york if i want an edmund fitzgerald theme or mr. boombastic. >> there may be songs in the future. >> not like that. there will never be another mr. boombastic. >> do you find google translate helps you read the news? >> it is very efficient. i use it all the time. i think it is -- i agree with you. i have had this thought of i want to ensure that, a, i would like a lot of 350e78 -- people at my funeral. it is an odd thought, but i would like a lot of people. all of the viewers are
12:49 am
invited. i also think about how to make it fun. i find what you said -- i sin -- sincerely mean this. >> some people may say too much. >> the chinese authorities are trying to crackdown on this. >> whenever i see the chinese strippers i am back in 10 minutes. >> i believe there is a refractory period. >> this seems more japanese. there is an insecurity to this. >> if they were wearing furry costumes. >> you know what is freakier is they -- do you see it is adorned with flashing lights and stuff? they think the more people at the funeral the better it is for them in the afterlife.
12:50 am
god bless them and have a good time. coming up, a yoga mat for dudes? i wished for it and it came true.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" sara brooks,
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camille foster. a company is now making yoga mats made out of football leather for a thousand bucks. this company really gets me. the brand called baller yoga craft thee friendly mats with the same pigskin used in the nfl. their website notes "nothing beats the grip and control of leather. every baller knows this." yeah, every baller knows that. >> it comes up all the time. >> why not stop there? we should make all of our products man up like, dude dude-sterizer. it makes your hands feel like you were working on the range and not at your desk. and mandex. what is different? nothing, but you are guy so they are mandex. >> what do i think? >> do we need gender specific
12:55 am
yoga mats? >> i have never done yoga. >> never done yoga? >> probably not qualified to talk about the story. i can't think of anything worse than hot yoga. i heard about it. you go into a room and it is like a petri dish with people grunting and fartherring -- farting in a hot environment. >> it is fantastic. >> i always wondered what that meant but i didn't want to educate myself. >> hot yoga is like a cleveland steamer? >> why do you need to be limber? what about your life makes you need to be limber? >> all i know, kat, when i come out of there i feel like i should have been doing it a longtime ago. nick, should we have male yoga mats? >> absolutely. the real question is what pronoun do we use? >> most thing come in men's and women's. yoga is all girly stuff.
12:56 am
it is time we get our macho yoga equipment. what do you think? >> i have to tell you that i think they miscalculated this. mick who loves the -- anybody who loves the nfl this much is not exercising. >> they are not doing a lot of yoga. >> maybe i am wrong. >> it is an official nfl mat. it is the perfect mat to kneel and do the national anthem on. >> i don't have a yoga pant. i -- mat. i rent them. >> i have a yoga mat and it is gross. i do it in my apartment and my cat scratches it up sometimes. you are doing yoga. i won't buy another one let alone invent a new kind. it is kind of sad. >> so you go to a yoga studio and you use -- >> several are available. i go to whatever hot yoga studio. jay so all of those people are doing hot yoga on this mat? >> how did this turn into my peption to hot yoga? >> it doesn't sound sanitary.
12:57 am
>> you sweat out toxins. >> mike baker and jimmy fallah and me, tom shillue. did i mention kat? she doesn't deserve it. she was talking. #double cheese.
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this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier in washington. donald trump momentum has brought this presidential race into a virtual tie. the just released fox news poll indicate trump has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in it a head to head match up by a single point and within a single point of clinton in a four-way race, well within the margin of error. this matches the clear trend of a momentum shift in the race, towards trump. in other national and battleground state polls of likely voters. trump is ready for primetime and late night this evening, after speaking at lunchtime in new york. he'll appear on the "tonight


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